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Next Generation Entertainment

Next Generation Entertainment is more of a media player content stored in 100s of different servers than the Normal HD TV sets .. with Internet and Mobile technologies getting evolved IPAD / Tablet Phone seem to be more entertaining than a HD Television set.. also it makes interactive and real time … with everything / almost-everything :) on internet available for free .. this is Best time for viewing and managing online content .. also with internet speed available at more than 50 MB  per sec .. it makes streaming HD content more easy .. UHD / Ultra HD / 4K has taken Visualization to next level.

200+ Live Radio Stations
200+ Singers and Music Directors Work
500+ Online Live Television Channels
1000+ Downloadable folder based MP3 playback
2000+ Movies and Free Documentaries .. and much much more …

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ThreeJS or 3 d JS / Javascript 3d library

With 3DJS / ThreeJS … one can easily create 3 dimentional objects and create visual spectacle ..


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Radio live streaming

mp3 streams can be easily played over the network , you can use JWPlayer for live streaming Radio


Youtube Developer APIs can be used for search & extract thumbnails of video and playlists and relative information can be shown.. this allows context sensitive search to be created for anything thats on the screen

Live TV over RTMP & M3u8 protocols

M3U8 , RTMP , MMS , RTMPS have emerged as leading Content streaming protocols , any stream that allows cross domain access .. can be put into JWplayer and the same can be viewed .. one can also write HTML DOM parsers .. to search Live Stream content online and use those streams to get TV stations .. while M3u8 is accessable from IOS .. RTMP depends on Flash Player so on IOS you would need players like Live Player to play them


Youtube and dailymotion playlists

Both Youtube and Dailymotions allow to create playlist and embed them into a webpage. Dailymotion uses a concept of JukeBox to embed video playlists



Also its interesting to note that Youtube allows Live Streaming of many News and Sports channels

Free Documentaries and internet archive

RSS feeds from Internet Archive , Free Documentaries Org are available with 1000s of video content .. technologies such as RSS feed reading and HTML DOM Parsing  can be used to get Content



Wiki list of musicians and song directors

Famous Musicians and Sings list can be fetched from WIkies and based on it dynamic video content can also be generated as shown below


Embed Technology

Most of the News Online is now available to be Embeded , using Embed tags .. which allows more and more content to be brought into single page


Content Mangament on Cloud

Probably the most important feature is to Dynamically create content .. and be able to publish to the website .. without impacting the servers and redeploying .. this can be done by using any CMS .. the website uses opensource Elfinder




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